Spent yesterday getting ready for our family to visit…That involved cleaning that I really dread doing, but did anyway.  By the time they arrived, my face was beet red, I was sweating profusely and looked like a million dollars.  Actually, I probably looked like $1.  It wasn’t pretty.

Our great niece loves to go to thrift stores and today, one of our local thrift stores was selling all of their clothes for 50 cents, which is really uncommon near Washington DC., where they live.    We bought lots of fun clothes and I was so thrilled that she was happy.

We bought her a pair of white tennis shoes so she can make her own tie dyed sneakers and are going to make a bath bomb like they sell at the Lush stores.  I promised her mom that I’d give her the supplies to make graduation cards (as she’s running late on those), and we’re going to make cards probably tomorrow.  I have other crafts I’d like to make with them, including a duct tape tote bag.  It should be a lot of fun to make and will come in handy for transporting school things and groceries (for her mom.)  All in all, we have lots of ideas, but not a lot of ambition as it’s extremely warm here today.

I left everyone else hanging out and talking, to spend a while in a quiet spot with Aggie, our fifteen year old golden retriever.  Aggie doesn’t do well with crowds (crowds meaning more than Rich and I), so she and I are alone.. She’s leaning against a big fan and happy to be there.  I’m happy to be hanging out in a quiet spot with her, to catch up on YouTube comments and this blog.

Tomorrow is probably another big garage sale day, and it’s been so much fun catching up with family, so I might not write again for a couple of days.  I’m sorry that no videos are going live, but am hoping Rich is able to get a haul video up tomorrow.  (That’s my hope, I’m not sure if he’s up for it or not, as he pulled a muscle in his lower back and isn’t at his best.)

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