I’m so excited because tomorrow our nephew and his family will be coming to spend a long weekend with us.  I absolutely love their daughter, Erika, and if you remember, Erika and I made some videos together last year.  We have plans to do more videos on this visit and I’m thrilled to be doing them with her.  She’d like to make soap and I’m going to show her how to make bath bombs as they are they greatest.  I might also play with making candles with her and I have some small paper crafting ideas we might try.  She’s not really a paper crafter, but we had fun making a couple covered notebooks last year, so I think we’ll be doing that again, as well as covering an address  book and a datebook/planner.  I know planners are really big now, and I would like to make one for Erika’s mother.  I’m sure she’ll get some use out of it, as she’s a busy working mother.  I like to use the ones that the Dollar Tree sells, as they are small enough to fit inside a purse, but have enough space for me to add a mini notebook inside.  I’ve been watching people make small journals out of paper pads they bought at Hobby Lobby and of course I have some of those and why not experiment with them.

And speaking of Hobby Lobby, we were there today looking for a recipe size chipboard album that I could make for Erika, as she’s really learning how to cook.  I didn’t find any that I liked, but they did have a really fun and funky recipe book for her to write all of her recipes in.  It wasn’t a real bargain, but it was exactly what I wanted and I really think she’s going to like it.  She wants to learn new recipes from us and Rich is a terrific baker and I’m a good everyday type cook.  I guess I’d say I make things our grandma’s would have made.  Roast beef, baked chicken, meatloaf, lasagna–these are the things I can make well.

So I may not be blogging every day over the next five or six days, but I’ll try to make sure I blog as much as I am able.

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