Today we decided to do an acrylic pouring technique that was really addictive.  It involves using acrylic paint, glue and water, as well as some silicone spray, pouring them into a cup and dumping the cup onto a gesso’d canvas.  It creates cells of color that are really interesting and my great niece and I loved making them.  We ended up with one that we both thought really turned out well and were thrilled with it.

We made a video showing how we did it and finished the video on the bath bombs and had a terrific time hanging out together.  She’s sixteen and so much fun to do crafty things with.  We had ideas for more things we were going to try, but ran out of time.  We tried to do something crafty every day, but we still just didn’t have the time to accomplish all that we wanted.  Oh well, we’re hoping they’ll come again next summer and we’ll be able to do other projects then.

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