One of my girlfriends asked me if I would donate some of my crafty projects to a group she is affiliated with.  I wasn’t sure what I should make, because it’s a fund raiser, and most of the things I make aren’t really money makers.  So I decided to make little padfolios and decorate them with paperclips that have embellishments on them.  I’ve made four of them tonight and will be making several more for her event.  I’m not sure if that’s what she had in mind, but I also might add in a few easy cards.  I have one card in particular that is really simple to make, but won’t make them much money unless I sell it in a set.  I was thinking about making a padfolio to hold the cards and then make sentiments that are separate and all they would need to do is choose which sentiment they want, and stick it on the card they choose.  I’m not sure if it would be a big money maker either, but it’s worth a try.

I had bought a small Sears hot glue gun at a garage sale.  It came with a big bag of glue sticks and I thought it was a great deal.  It was a great deal for the glue sticks, but the hot glue gun doesn’t have a trigger, you just push the glue stick in if you want glue to come out the other end.  I’ve never seen a glue gun like that before, and I have to say, it doesn’t seem to be very safe.  I already burned my thumb really badly, but that wasn’t the glue guns’ fault, it was just another day of crafting with Sandy.

I’m happy with the little notebooks I’ve made and am hoping that they sell as I’d hate to be the one whose products aren’t marketable.  I’d be really embarrassed if that was the case.  I’m already gearing up to get all of them back once the event is over.  Isn’t that just the way things go?

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