I have a plan for the day that includes making a tote bag out of duct tape.  They sell really cute patterns at the Dollar Tree, and I bought a bunch of them.  I wanted to make things out of duct tape so others know they can as well.  The only difficult part is ripping it off of the roll.  It’s not that hard to work with, but,  I’ve only made a small change purse in a video.  That was pretty easy, so how hard could this be?  It’s big, probably the size of a beach bag, but I really want to make it.  If I’m a failure, I can live with it, but I want to give it a try.

I have some thank you notes I need to make as well, so will be doing that too.  And now that I’ve made a card using an embossing folder, I’m going to play with some of my others to see what kind of fun I can make with them.  I love covering paper pads and thought maybe I’d make some covered paper pads or journals using embossing folders to give them more dimension.  I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be doing, but will definitely be trying out some duct tape bags first, as it’s been on my mind for a while to give them a try.

I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes.  Cross your fingers for me, duct tape awaits.

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