I have to say that sometimes I’m just too tired to do much.  I did go to our closest Michaels and bought some of the big paper pads that I keep swearing I’m not going to buy again.  I bought them this time to make card sets for a friend who wants me to make things for her to sell at her charity’s rummage sale.  I like trying new projects and re-making old ones with a new twist.  I love making covered notebooks, so made some of them and used some fun embellishments and made others with hot glue.  I’ll have to do a video on the hot glue, as the results were fairly amazing.

I also want to use the big paper pads for the sentiments that are inside.  I think it will make it easier to make inexpensive card sets with my pre-made cards and envelopes.  I hope it will anyway.  I have so many of the pre-made cards and I’ll be thrilled if I can get rid of maybe one box of them.  Two would make me even happier.

Tomorrow is garage sale day, so I’m hoping to spend some money and find some really fun goodies.  At least that’s my plan.  I might come home with a big bunch of nothing.

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