I went to several garage sales today and fell in love with an old oak rocker that fit me like a glove.  I sat down in it and know I had to have it.  Do I have one spot open in my house for it?  No, but I couldn’t resist.  It was so comfortable and reminded me of being at my grandmother’s house and swinging on her porch swing.  I love it and it was $10, a real bargain.

I bought some crafty items because I promised a friend I’d make some projects for a fundraiser of hers and I wanted to try a couple of different things, so even though I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more paper pads at Michaels, I bought three paper pads so I could make sets of cards and little purses to hold the cards.  I think they’ll turn out pretty well as I’ve almost finished the notebook holders I’ve been working on for her and now it’s almost time to turn to card making for her money maker.  I don’t know if she’ll even be able to sell the things I make, but I’m giving it a good try.  I promised I’d make ten of the notebook holders and so far, I’ve finished five of them.  I need to make one on video and haven’t done that yet, but wanted to wait until I felt like I’d really mastered them.  So far I’m a little bit shaky about the measurements and want to be certain I know what I’m doing when I make the video.

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