Went to a few more garage sales today and didn’t really find anything thrilling, so I came home and started cleaning my craft room.  It seems like I say I’m cleaning my craft room constantly, but honestly, it’s a horrible mess and it doesn’t matter how hard I try to keep it organized, it just looks terrible.  I can’t even begin to consider making a video craft room tour, because it’s such a holy mess, but maybe some day I’ll get it cleaned out.

I saw a couple of videos on how to make a purse out of cardstock to hold cards and I don’t think it will be too difficult, so my plan for tomorrow is to finish the rest of the covered note pads and then work on making at least one of the purses and filling it with cards.  I think I’ll do something with a floral theme and then use my flower dies to create six cards that are simple but elegant looking.  I hope they will be something that people will want to buy at the fundraiser I’m making them for.  You never really know what people will buy though and I’m hoping I don’t disappoint my girlfriend with the things I come up with.  She’s really talented, refinishes furniture and makes signs with sayings on them.  They’re really unique and lovely, but too complicated for me to ever consider making.  I would like to videotape her making one, as she’s really good at it.  Maybe I’ll talk her into a video project soon.  I hope so, because she does make some really interesting projects.

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