I know it’s been a few days since I’ve added anything to the blog and it’s really not like me, but I probably should explain.  Keep in mind that this is a total excuse and I should have still written something on the blog instead of forgetting to write about anything.

On the 29th, I had to have some minor skin cancer taken off the top of my head.  It isn’t serious and just required some surgery to rectify the situation.  They started at 10AM and by 11, the surgery was complete and they were looking at it under a microscope to determine if all of the edges were clean.  By noon we knew everything was fine, but they needed to fit me in to the rest of the day’s scheduled to close up the hole they had made.  We all know I have a hard head, but this was a true testament to exactly how hard it is.  The surgeon started by saying that my scalp was tight, and he was having a little trouble closing the wound.  That precipitated more injections as I started to feel things again…after all, it had been four hour since this process had started.  So they must have used clamps or something to pull the skin and twist it at the same time, because it took them an entire hour, and they only closed the wound by 90%.  I say only 90%, because after all of the tugging and turning they were doing, I was hoping it was completely closed, and I guess after an hour, you’d have thought they could have pulled my skin from one ear to the other.  The end result is that my head started to ache later that day and hurt for the next three.  It felt like they had used a vice on it, and I normally think I have a pretty fair pain tolerance, but I have been feeling pretty crappy until today.  I’m feeling much better and getting back on the crafty bandwagon.  Rich on the other hand, had to have his lower back injected today, so he’s not feeling like uploading videos, so I gave him an easy one, and I think it’s up and running.  The Parkers have had a tough week, and we need to take a long nap to make up for some of it.  We’re both very lucky though, because our medical conditions are completely fixable and we’ll be up and causing trouble any day now.

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