My girlfriend is having a craft booth at a local fund raiser and asked if I would be willing to participate.  I had a couple of ideas that I thought would be fun, so finished the first, the covered notebooks, and began the second, matchbook notepads.  I saw these on a video a while ago and can’t remember the name of the site I saw it on, but will definitely include it in the video.  You cut double sided decorated paper and then score it so it’s shaped like a matchbook, then put ten pieces of typing paper folding in half inside, and staple the bottom.  Then decorate the front and slide the top paper under the bottom paper and your work is done.  It seemed so simple when I saw them made, but I didn’t like the look of the staples, so decided to cover them with washi tape, and my decorations always seemed to be too large and my staples too close to the top, and it was just more labor intensive than I anticipated.  I think it was because I used an electric stapler, as I couldn’t get the staples to go through all of the layers of paper when I tried it with a manual stapler.

I think in the end, they looked fine, but I was hoping they would be much faster and easier to produce than they were, darn it.

For the last project, I’m going to make a bunch of cards using my new layered dies…They should be extremely fast and easy to produce, and I think I’ll use the MISTI and stamp several sentiments in it and then punch them out so they can easily be added to the cards on the inside, so each card is individual.  I’ll start working on those tomorrow and hopefully, will have enough complete, that I will feel like I’ve done my part.  I did think I would have produced a lot more than I did, but with my head hurting for most of the week, I had a lot of time when I wasn’t doing much of anything….And yes, I’ll be wearing hats when I go outside from now on.  At least I plan to wear hats.  Either that, or figure out how to apply 100 SPF to the top of my head…I better plan on the hat.

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