I’ve been really struggling to keep up with my blog and it’s never been like this before.  I think it has to do with the fact that I’m trying to focus on things I can do to help people in my life that are struggling right now.  One of my college friends has had a relapse of breast cancer and it’s making me feel so helpless as I’ve lost three other friends in the last year to cancer and am so afraid for her.  The other thing that’s been wearing on me is a friend who is from Texas who has lost almost everything in the hurricane.  I’ve been talking to her online several times a day, but feel like I’m not really helping.  I’m not really good at being helpless, I want to make a difference.  I’ve already contacted my college friends to discuss what we can do to help our friend and once I get more details, I’m going to put our plan into action, so I feel a little bit better about that.

But then I started to think about my friend in Texas, who lost everything including all of her crafty things.  And that brought me to all of the other people who lost their crafty toys and what can we do to help them.  So I’m going to do a video and talk about it and ask viewers if they want to help as well, so we can, at some point in the future, help others get back the things that keep them active and sane.  Hobbies are so important to self worth and well being, and not being able to do them because everything you own has been destroyed, has got to be demoralizing.  Can you imagine if you are a card maker and you have so many people you’d like to thank, but don’t have any of the tools to make them?  It would be so frustrating and difficult, and like I said, I don’t do well when something needs fixed.  I have to make a difference.  So I’m saying it now, and I’ll continue this line of thinking…we need to help those people who need our help.  We crafters have so many things that we could all give box loads of goodies and never miss them.  I know I am guilty of having too much and will gladly be sending boxes where they are needed.  Now is the time for inner reflection.  Do we really need all of the things we’ve collected and think we might use someday, or can we share our things with people who truly do need and want them.  It’s time for us to make a difference and I for one, am ready.

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