I wanted to get some things done today, but went to a couple of garage sales, where I found nothing but a new electric toothbrush (yay!) and that’s about it.  It gets more and more depressing as summer winds down and we head toward fall.  I’m not really excited about the upcoming seasons, as fall is much too short and winter is much too long.  You’d think  I’d be happy to find a lot of undivided time to be able to make projects, but I find the fact that it gets dark at 5 PM really depressing.  I know that a lot of people struggle with the greyness of winter, and I am willing to admit that I am one of those people.

I’d really like it, if the weather stayed around 50-60 degrees, ok, I’ll even go 40 degrees, but once it gets really cold and gray, I start to really dread the upcoming changes.  If I could just come up with a viable plan to go south for part of the winter,  I honestly think I could handle the changes better.  It’s funny the things that bother us.  My arthritis really doesn’t bother me like the change in weather.  I think that’s really weird.  One is so painful and permanent, and the other, six months and back to good weather.  Wouldn’t you think my arthritis would bother me more than winter?  I know, I am pretty quirky, and here’s yet another example of just how quirky I am.

I didn’t get anything accomplished in the craft room today, but have big plans for tomorrow.

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