I love Fridays.  I used to love them because it signaled the end of the work week, but then many years ago, Rich and I started having “date night” every Friday.  We’d order pizza or wings and watch a movie and it was a nice start to the weekend.  We’ve continued our date nights, so even though I don’t have a work week to consider, at least I still have date night to signal the end of the week.  Rich and I both really look forward to date night and so do the dogs.  We order food and then as soon as Rich comes back with it, the dogs are ready to assume their spots in the man room.  If you’ve never seen or heard the story of the “man room” I’ve attached the video tour for you to watch.

I really love spending time there as it’s the perfect spot for a movie, with the lights dimmed, it’s almost like a movie theater, except we can put our feet up and there’s no one talking on their cell phones or asking us to move our feet so they can walk past.

I don’t know about people who have children and how they break up their weeks so they have things to look forward to, but date night for us is a nice time to relax and not think about anything, just have time together.  Whenever I can, I convince Rich that we should extend date night to Saturday as well, and have termed it, date night 2.0.  If it’s not football or basketball season, I can normally make it a two night event, and I’ll take what I can get.

As for right now, it’s mid-afternoon and it’s drizzling outside, so it’s a perfect time for a nap.  I know my life is tough, but somebody has to do it.  I hope you have a happy date night and if you can, stretch it into date night 2.0, you won’t regret it.

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