Ok, I know I said I would finish cleaning my craft room today, but I just couldn’t do it.  Rich and I went to Home Depot because I need him to build me a shelf so I can put all of my paper trimmers/MISTI/Stamp Perfect in one place and have easy access to them.  We bought the things he needed and then I started talking about space and the problems I have with finding solutions to where to put things and how to organize and if only I could to this or do that.  He said why don’t we just redo your whole room like other crafters and make it the way you want it?  He’s the greatest guy…He really is.  The thing is, I just don’t have it in me to rip everything out and reconfigure, find the right products that work for me and in the end, spend thousands of dollars on something that in the end, might not work any better than what I already own.  So he said, what if we gutted the closet and took everything out of it?  It was like a light went on in my head.  He has clothes there from his working days that we could definitely relocate and we have one of those metal closet organizers that frankly, I’ve never liked.  I would love it if we ripped everything out of the closet and started from scratch.  I’d like to put all and I mean all of my stamps in there so if I need a stamp set, I know exactly where to go to find it.  I have a lot of stamps but I can’t organize them because I have some here and some there, some in binders and some in bins and it just doesn’t work.  I can’t come up with a workable solution with the way things are today.  I’d love to get all of my wooden stamps and figure out a way to know where they are and what they are at a glance, but don’t know what that system looks like.  You have no idea the amount of stress that I put on myself trying to basically fit a round peg into a square slot…is that how that term goes?  If not, I think you know what I mean.  A lot of people use the Jennifer McGuire system where you put your stamps and dies in baggies…That doesn’t work for me because I don’t want to create books to look through to know what stamps I have and would never remember if something was Lawn Fawn.  If I see something, I can use it.  That’s why I like the CD cases.  I can look at the name of the stamp set (I’m working on a further system) and at least I can go from there.  I need some way to set my stamps in groups of flowers, animals, sentiments, etc, but haven’t figured that out..I guess that will come when I have the closet gutted.  I have plenty of storage for my cd cases, but lack the spot to put the storage, so again, having the closet space will really give me room to organize.

So what did I accomplish today?  I burned some branches that had been falling from our trees and did some laundry and worked on emails and responded to comments on YouTube.  Now I’m going to go into my craft room and do a video or two.  Clean it, what’s the point?  I’ve got a plan now and I’m starting to see some light at the end of my very long tunnel.

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