Wow, I need a day like this more often.  I cleaned the craft room, spent hours in there, and the end result…it still looks terrible.  Bad, cluttered, messy, just gross.  I think my problem is my storage and the fact that I need to use bigger storage and use it more effectively.  I’m so mad at myself because I let it get away from me.  I’m not sure if any of you do this, but you buy some things and put them in a spot, not where they should go, but then eventually, there are no spots left to put things.  If you organized the storage you have, you’d be in terrific shape, but you don’t take the time to do that.  So today I did.  I took drawers out and ripped cabinets apart and what I found was that I have not done a good job of staying organized.

I know I sound like I’m unhappy with my accomplishment for the day, when actually I’m pretty happy with the amount of organization I’ve done.  I now just need to take out the small storage and replace it with the bigger containers that I already have, and make sure I stay organized.  I also need to make sure that when I buy things, I put them where they need to go.

I have one large drawer that I keep small bottles and containers in.  Why do I need all of these bottles and containers?  I don’t.  So tomorrow, they go into recycling.  I have another drawer that’s full of craft magazines and books that I never look at, and I mean never, so I’m giving those away.  If I just utilize my space more effectively, I think my room could say in semblance of order, I just need to hold myself to it and that’s something I just don’t do.

My commitment is that by the end of tomorrow, I’ll have my craft room organized to the point that I’ll have more work space and a better overall arrangement.  I’m not going to stop until I do, so if I don’t write the blog tomorrow, you’ll know it’s because I’m still organizing, or died trying.

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