I have to say that today was a really great crafting day.  My cousin Shelly, and her girlfriend Linda, came and we made fairy gardens.  It was so funny, because I kept calling it the wrong thing, probably at least ten times, and Shelly kept saying fairy garden, and then I immediately called it something else again.  Rich has so much editing to do because I just couldn’t get the name straight and we had to repeat and repeat….in the end, Shelly and Linda both made fantastic fairy gardens (geez, now I’m wondering if I’m calling it the wrong thing again–I’m crazy, or at least a little bit certifiable.)  Let’s go with fairy garden until you hear otherwise.

I decided to make a wreath with fairy components and it definitely wasn’t as cute as the other two, but in the end, we had three complete fairy projects to share….But, that wasn’t enough craftiness, so I talked them into doing Christmas wreaths and we think we will be putting them on family graves.  So Shelly (who just lost her step father this year) made one for his grave and I made mine for my parents.  I know it’s not something you get really excited about, but it’s a fact of life, and honoring the family that have passed before us is important, so we did our best.

Poor Linda was such a great sport during the wreath making, because Shelly and I wanted bigger bows on our wreaths than my bow jig would make, so we convinced, coerced, volunteered, whatever you want to call it, Linda, into being a human bow jig.  I did record Linda and her bow jig skills which where impressive, but was disappointed that I couldn’t capture the amount of glitter that ended up covering her from head to toe after her bow jiggery….Yes, that is a new term and I’m sticking with it, so don’t try and change my mind.

I keep saying I’m going to make a complete dictionary of terms that I use and often make up, but I’d have to re-watch almost (or maybe more than) 300 videos, to compile my dictionary, and I just don’t have it in me.   I do think it’s funny that people like the words I use, and now I’m starting to see more of my vocabulary come up in comments.  There is no greater honor than having your crazy words repeated back to you. Of course this in my opinion, and as for this commentary, since I’m the only one typing, my opinion is all that matters.

So as the day comes to a close, I’ve got two terrific videos in the bag, had a great time, got to know a new and lovely woman, and spent time with a great friend/relative.  Oh, even Aggie and Honey got in the videos as Aggie was laying beside Shelly’s wreath, completely oblivious to what was going on, and Honey was on the other side of the dog gate, looking completely forlorn, as she was just a little bit too distracting to be allowed in the craft area.  Bella was in our living room, on our dog-proofed couch, laying upside down, sound asleep…no need to say more, a great day was had by all, ok, except Honey.



4 thoughts on “9/16/2017

  1. You said it, – a really great day! Fairy Garden is correct, so funny. The bloopers would be hilarious on that introduction. Linda and I both had so much fun, the hours flew by! Thank you, Sandy and Rich, for your hospitality and a wonderful treat from my Meadville days for lunch (I can’t believe I ate “The Whole Darn Thing”). Until next time, I’ll be watching your videos, reading your blog, and remembering our fun day whenever I look at my “Fairy Garden” (or Wizard Village, as my husband calls it).


  2. I laughed so hard when I was typing the blog because fairy garden just kept coming to me, and then I thought, holy cow, that can’t be right, I didn’t say it once all day long and now I’ve typed it like six times without even thinking, so I must be delirious…..Can you believe that? I must be crazy, or at least play crazy on TV (or YouTube)…Had so much fun with you both, I swear I knew Linda in another life or something, as she’s so familiar to me…It was weird because I just felt like I’d known her for years and that usually doesn’t happen to me. I really hope we can get together and use Rich’s to-be-named-elf again!!


  3. What a nice thing to say. I think Linda has that quality about her, when you meet her, you’ve feel like you’ve known her for a long time. That’s how I felt when I met her over 25 years ago. She even had a bridal shower for me at her house with all the girls from work. Sure hope we can get together again soon.


  4. I had such a great time and really am looking forward to another day of crafting. I don’t know if you noticed, but Rich is getting serious about getting his video backlog taken care of…so thanks for the help there, haha.


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