Making Matchbook Notepads Inspired by Little Hot Tamale

I watched a video by Little Hot Tamale and it inspired me to create my own matchbook notepads. Here’s her video in case you’d like to check it out.

I keep track of videos I watch in a journal and will link that video to the end. For some reason, I thought this video was older, but didn’t realize it’s a pretty recent video.

I used my own measurements and changed things to accomodate the papers I bought at Joanns. They were on sale for 10 for $2 and every sheet had several pieces you could cut to create the front of your matchbook. Many of you know I’m a huge Halloween fan and am trying to help others with fun ideas for classrooms for Halloween. A friend is doing a fundraiser and I wanted to donate some things, and these are fast and easy to make.

I used ten pieces of typing paper cut to 7 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ wide and fold them in half. If once you fold them in half, you have any edges that stick out, trim them with your paper scissors.

For the outside, you will cut it 8 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ then score it on the 8 3/4″ side score at 3/4″ and 5″ but be careful scoring trying to make sure you don’t push so hard that you crack your paper. Fold the 3/4″ score up and the 5″ score down, so it looks like a matchbook. I used an electric stapler (as I don’t have the strength to staple without it through this depth of paper.) Use your bone folder on the typing paper and really press that fold as thin as possible. Use the bone folder on both sides (flip it over), so you make that stack as thin as possible near the top so you can staple through them.

I used an Infoguard electric stapler that I think I bought at Walmart for my stapling.

Put your folded papers into the bottom where the 3/4″ fold is, and center the 10 folded papers with the fold edge down into the bottom and use your stapler and staple on the bottom with two staples. I didn’t like the way the backs of my staples stuck up, and worried people would catch the staple on their clothes, so I used pliers and squeezed the staples so they were flat on the back.
I cut the papers from Joanns down so they would fit on the front of my matchbook, but not so it’s sentiment might be lost under the bottom flap. I used tape runner and wet glue to apply my image, then used a brayer to ensure it was well adhered. I liked the idea of adding washi tape to the flap on the bottom so it would cover the staples and look like the thing you strike a match on. I used two layers on front and back to make sure the staples would be able to be well covered.

Please make some of these and share them on my facebook page, crafting for almost everyone, as I’d love to see what others are making.

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