As I lay here (in bed unable to sleep), I’m thinking hard about the fact that I am four subscribers away from 5,000.  I never thought I would see 1,000, let alone 5,000.  It is absolutely amazing and surreal.  Seriously, what were the odds that people would be interested in watching me say and  do really quirky things.  And yet they are, and growing by the day.  To say I am honored is not even close to what I am feeling.  Rich and I are so proud of the channel and of its future.  As it continues to grow, I am more and more energized by it, and ultimately what it can do for people like myself and others.  A lot of people don’t know that my channel isn’t monetized.  That means I don’t make money from it.  I won’t change that in the future either, as I want everyone to know that if I like a product, it’s because I like it, not because someone else is paying me to say so.  I don’t want anyone to wonder why I would recommend something, and hope that if they do, they will ask.

I hate watching advertisements on other sites and know you must as well, so (and I don’t think it happens), you shouldn’t see any ads on my channel.  I love thinking I control that, and can stop any advertising from popping up, but really, I’m not sure if YouTube can just put ads on my videos or not.  I’m just not really up on those topics, sorry, maybe I’ll figure that one out somehow.   YouTube doesn’t have a place where I can call or email them with questions..They reserve that right to the big YouTubers, people with probably 6,000 subscribers.  Seriously,  I think it might be in the hundreds of thousands before they give you a contact number, so there’s a good chance I won’t ever have a key to Emerald City for answers.  I never really watched The Wizard of Oz the whole way through (too scared of the monkeys), so I’m not even sure if my reference made sense.  That, and it’s after 1AM and I’m still typing.

So I’m going to go to bed and wonder if tomorrow when I wake up, will the channel have over 5,000 subscribers.  It will be a big day for us if it is, so we’ll probably go crazy and buy a new home with a craft room the size of my current home, or maybe instead, I’ll go to the doctor and get the stitches out of my head from a little surgery I had.  No, not to try and push more brains in there, but wouldn’t that be cool…

For those of you who have been with me for almost two years, bless you.  And for anyone new to the channel, hang around, you never know what I have in store for you, but whatever it is, I hope we have fun.

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