I finally took the time to write my idea for the Make a Difference Day help for the hurricane victims on facebook.  I should have written it out before, but don’t know why I didn’t.  It’s out there now and I’m wide open for ideas.

So that’s the one thing I accomplished today, oh, and I de-fairy dusted my sun room.  If you haven’t read yesterday’s blog, my cousin Shelli, her friend Linda and I made fairy gardens.  We made quite the glittery, mossy fairy mess, and it was so much fun.  I wouldn’t have two great videos from it and a great idea for the beginning of the video if not for Shelli and Linda.  Shelli asked Rich when he was videotaping the three of us for the opening of each video,  if he could possibly insert Farrah Fawcett circa 1970’s over her face and body.  At that point in the day, I was so hot and sweaty, that I’m sure I look like a lunatic, but maybe I might be Jacyln Smith or Kate (sorry forgot the last Angel’s name) Jackson.  I had to look it up as that was just not right that I forgot her name.  So I envision the opening segment of the video with us in that infamous pose where one is pointing her fingers like a gun to the left and another pointing their gun fingers to the right and one pointing gun fingers directly ahead.  I thought that was THE photo of them.  So I looked it up online and this is what I found…https://www.pinterest.com/pin/13018286398593096/

What the heck is that?  I don’t remember them actually praying, do you?  It blew my mind.  So I kept searching and never found a picture of the three of them doing “The Pose” as I’ll call it.  And why is Jaclyn Smith wearing a bikini while the other two are fully dressed?  That’s one odd photo and such a disappointment.  Now there’s no way Shelli, Linda and I can be superimposed with the original angels because we’d have to fight to see who would be the one willing to be the bikini angel…hey, after the age of fifty, that bikini idea is off the table.  (Ok, I’ve never actually worn a bikini, but I’m not going to be superimposed with one now.) haha….And now you know what I think about when I’m supposed to be doing my part to upload videos.   Practicing my gun finger pose, no, but thinking about it.

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