Our Great Niece Makes Lush Style Bath Bombs

Our great niece, Erika, came to visit for a week and we did some crafting together. Erika wanted to make bath bombs like you would buy from the store Lush. We got our recipe from a website called DIY Projects for Teens:
You’ll need:

1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup citric acid–you’ll find this in the canning section of your local Walmart
1/2 cup epsom salts
1 tsp water
2 tsp essential oils of your choice–Erika used lavender and lemon
3 tsp olive oil
food coloring to the color you desire
rose petals (optional) If you use rose petals, you’ll want to put your bath bomb in a sock or panty hose and knot the end so you don’t end up with rose petals in your drain (it could clog it.)
We ended up with five cupcake shaped bath bombs from our recipe.
You will want to combine your dry ingredients and then combine your wet ingredients and add them quickly to the dry ingredients.
You can mix a couple of essential oils, and I made another batch and used clove, orange and vanilla in mine.
As for coloring, Erika wanted hers to be purple, so we mixed red and blue together and instead of it looking purple, it had more of a gray tint. It looks purple on camera, but more gray in person.
We cut the rose petals so they were smaller and wouldn’t take over the whole ball, and then put them in the dry ingredients before adding the wet.
We couldn’t find a ball to make our bombs, so we lined silicone cupcake molds with plastic wrap and filled them with the bath bomb mixture. We had to continue to push them into the molds as they seem to grow. Erika pushed a rose petal into the top of her cupcake to continue the look of the cupcake and they looked really cute. The recipe said they would dry quickly, but since ours kept growing, we pushed them down until they stopped growing, and that took overnight.
I made another batch that I did put into the Christmas ornament balls and they kept blowing open the balls as they do expand, so I recommend you not filling your molds as full as you normally would, and let them expand within the mold.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy stocking stuffer idea and it was a lot of fun crafting with Erika.

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