I’m pushing Rich to catch up with me with videos and so he’s been working like a dog for the YouTube channel today.  We also visited a friend who just had surgery and took her some meals to get her through the next day or so.  Whenever I have a surgery, it’s always nice when people are kind enough to provide hot meals for us, so I like to do the same for my friends.  I gave her a list of the foods I make best…I’m an old fashioned cook, my specialties are things your grandma would make….Chicken and biscuits, meatloaf, chicken noodle soup (no, not Campbell’s), lasagna, roast beef….Picture me in the role of your grandma, and chances are, we make the same kinds of foods.

Her surgery was Monday, and she chose today as she knew she wouldn’t be feeling up to eating yesterday.  She said chicken noodle soup sounded good, and her husband loves chicken and biscuits…..I also offered orange jello with mandarin oranges as she doesn’t like sweets, (I know, what’s up with that?)  and she said her stomach had been upset, so jello sounded good to her as well.  So this morning, I made all of the essentials and we loaded up the car with everything, and even after a forty minute drive, only a little bit of soup leaked into the box that I lined a  grocery bag with. To have that small of a mishap is almost unheard of for me.  I really expected to get there and have to pull all of the containers out of a pool of soup and noodles, but no, it went well and I was happy.  I did feel a little bit bad though, because their young springer spaniel found the box with the soup drippings in it, and had a great time licking it clean.  I really hope she doesn’t get an upset stomach from it…I’d feel so bad if her dog got sick because of me.

On the way there, we stopped at a roadside Amish vegetable stand and bought the cutest cantaloupes that they call “lunch box melons”…..they were the size of a grapefruit and I just had to buy some.  So while I was visiting, I cut one of them into small pieces and added more fruit she had there, to create a small fruit salad for them for later.  I felt so bad for her, because she was really in a lot of pain, and there’s really nothing you can say or do to help with that.  So I had Rich entertain her while I did her dishes.  We know how it goes when the woman of the household isn’t well.  Our men have great intentions, but really struggle with the day to day operations of running our homes.  I think she was relieved that her kitchen was back to normal and that she and her husband both had a hot meal.  It’s the little things that makes us happy.  She’s told me in the past that if she won the lottery, she’d have fresh flowers everywhere in her house, so I had Rich cut a bunch of hydrangea’s off our big green hydrangea bush, and took them to her.  She said she was going to put them beside her bed, so when she doesn’t feel well, she can lay there and look at them.  I can see her logic, as fresh flowers from the garden just make me think of springtime, and I guess they make her feel like she’s won the lottery and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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