I’d really like to say that I’ve gotten some cards made, or done anything crafty, but honestly, today was a day for cleaning.  We had the man that cleans our windows here, and we were trying to figure out why our High Efficiency Washer isn’t very efficient.  So we decided to take our blankets, comforters, rugs, sheets and towels to the laundromat.  I’m so disgusted that I can do a load of heavy weight materials such as I mentioned above, and after running them through the washer, the tops of some of the materials are still dry.  I understand the point of the High Efficiency washers is to save water blah blah, not clean anything, but this is ridiculous.  I have a girlfriend that just sold her house and bought a new one.  She begged the owner of the home she was buying, to leave her “old” washer there, so she could be free of the high efficiency washer in her old home.  So I guess I’m not alone.  I think the thing that bugs me the most, is that there’s no agitator in the center of the washer.  If there’s no agitator, what are the clothes slapping against to get clean.  If we go with the old theory of beating clothes on a rock, you need a rock for the cleaning process to work.  In my system, I don’t have an agitator (a rock) and I don’t even have any excess water, so what exactly are my clothes doing in there besides swirling around in water?  These are the questions that keep me awake at night.  No, but they are the things that really bug me.  I even started making my own laundry detergent because I couldn’t believe that it was my brand new washer that was to blame.  Let me just say this.  I had a dog bed cover that Honey had vomited on.  So I washed it, then I dried it and when I opened the drier, it smelled like a dog was living in there.  So I rewashed the dog bed cover and re-dried it, and opened the drier to the same smell.  So I put the laundromat to the test.  I washed the same dog bed cover and dried it, and when I opened the drier, it smelled like (and this you won’t believe), something that had actually been washed and dried.  Now I’m no expert on all things laundry, but I do believe I could be onto something here.  How high efficiency is this washer if I washed something twice and it still smelled like a dog?  So I might just be looking to buy a new (old ) washer now.  I just can’t believe how much time and energy I spend washing clothes that don’t get clean.  I’m tired, but feel like I really accomplished something today.  I have a clean dog bed cover and am committed to getting rid of my washer.  You’ll find it on Craig’s List under “things some sucker bought that just don’t work,” unless I find an equally descriptive category to sell it under.  Maybe “Junkers R Us” or “Crap we wish we hadn’t bought.”  I’ll keep looking until I find just the right place to chuck it, maybe a scrap metal reseller….that could be the winner.

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