Nothing crafty today, we met college friends for lunch and a movie…American Assassin.  Oh yeah, I know what you are thinking…that’s quite the date movie..when you’ve been married for almost thirty-five years, you begin to notice a movie trend about fifteen minutes into your marriage.  Chick flicks are movies you watch on NetFlix, and action movies are saved for theaters.   I’m not going to explain this in male-think.  Ok, my only real point of reference here, is Rich and his thinking goes something like this.  If you want to see a great action movie, you need the big screen, the high-defnition, the surround sound etc., and none of those things are required for a love story or comedy.  You can see a love story or comedy on a fifty inch screen and it’s “like” you are in a theater.   I’m not saying we never go to the theater for movies I’d like to see because he lives and breathes popcorn with a ton of butter, but if we were looking at the percentages, I’d say it’s probably 80% action/super hero/adventure and 20% everything else.  Rich would be more than willing to take me to the theater for comedies or love stories, but after all of these years, he’s got me brainwashed into believing he is right.  Darn these men, they know all the tricks!

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