Rich has been true to his word, uploading a video every day, to get caught up with me.  He’s only three or four behind now, so I’m going to have to get serious about making some videos.  He’s pretty sneaky, though, because he’s still working on the closet conversion and since my cousin came to make videos, hasn’t put the camera and tripod back on top of my desk.  This is his way of catching up with me because he knows I can’t lift the tripod, so I will need to wait for him before I can make more videos.

I do have some great ideas though, and more are swirling around as we speak.  I’m going to make a marbling technique video, where I show how to do marbling with everything I’ve ever seen used to do it.  That’ll be a lot of fun, because it involves nail polish, men’s shave cream and, well, marbles.  I’m really looking forward to making some really fun backgrounds with them.

Then I have a house mouse laying on a sunflower that I’ve put off making a video with until I considered it to be fall.  Now’s the time to pull that out and play with it.  Plus I have so many dies I want to try, and of course there’s the magic card die, that’s going to be a lot of fun, plus stamps with witches shoes….So many ideas, so little time.

First off, though, we’re working on getting the closet converted to my craft space (and that involved ripping out a metal closet organizer and patching a ton of holes, then painting.)  I’m not sure what happened in the process, but at some point, my maintenance guy just stopped working in there and went onto another project.  Drat, he’s sneaky.  Seriously though, Rich’s been working really hard, putting the metal closet organizer into another closet in the basement–one we had built but never use.  He used his electric drill, and drilled a small piece of his thumb into the wall, attached to the closet organizer, so I don’t blame him for taking a rest.  His thumb looked terrible and I felt awful about it.  It’s been almost a week, and it’s just starting to look like a thumb again.  Geez, I never knew closet organizers could be so vicious…

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