I just made it to get the peg stamp video uploaded on October 3rd, as it’s now past midnight and I just got done with it.  Sometimes I make a video that is so scattered, that it takes Rich all afternoon and evening to upload it.  I feel really bad when that happens, but unfortunately, there’s not a lot I can do to prevent it.  I’m just not very organized sometimes, and that makes a lot more work for Rich.

I was feeling like I should do something crafty today while Rich was busy uploading my video, and saw a video on Stamp TV of a stair step card. I’ve seen other stair steps, but this one was really simple. Ok, simple is really kind of an understatement, because there is a lot of stamping and punching involved in making this card.  I stamped, punched then trimmed a lot of floral images.  Once I was done, I decided my flowers needed something more, so had to dig through my brad stash, and found a bunch of nice brads for the floral centers.  In retrospect, I have those small stamen that I could have used, but of course that didn’t occur to me at the time.  Darn it.

The card took a really long time to make, but shouldn’t be a very long video for Rich to upload, at least I hope it’s not.  Tomorrow, I’m spending the day shopping with one of my close friends.  She’s still in banking, so I don’t get to see her very often and really look forward to our time together.  It should be a really nice day….Don’t worry, Rich will be hard at work, uploading another video.  (His work is never done.)  Oh, and by tomorrow night, he’ll be checking out the elf names, so if you haven’t submitted an idea for the elf, please make sure you do so…

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