I spent the day shopping with a girlfriend and while out, got a call from Rich.  Apparently a couple of different YouTubers are using my videos and calling them their own.  It’s so frustrating that someone would want to steal my videos, but luckily, I have great viewers who alerted me to it so I could contact YouTube and have the videos removed from those sites.  I guess if I was going to steal a video, I’d steal it from someone who has what I would call “regular” hands.  Since primarily you don’t see my face, my hands are my signature.  It makes me laugh that someone would choose my videos because if there’s one person who can prove that this is their video and their hands, it’s me.  I have to wonder what these people are thinking when they steal my videos.  Obviously they will be found to be the frauds and what a waste of my time and energy, having to track them down and sent reports to YouTube.  Luckily the process isn’t overly cumbersome, so it didn’t take hours to do.  Of course I found a YouTube video that told me how to report that my videos were stolen…you can find just about everything on YouTube, and I would be lost without it.

I got home to find a big box of goodies from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, to use in our destashing video.  I was so excited, because Rebecca made really nice, organized sets of merchandise, and I think anyone who would like to try peg stamps, will really like these sets.  Now all I have to do is organize the many things I need to sell, and decide the best way to organize  and price them.  I’ve watched destashing videos, but have never done one, so am not really sure how to price things.  I have a friend who has made these videos, so I’m going to email her tonight and get her advice.  I’d really like to make enough money to buy several gift cards, at least that’s the plan.  Let’s cross our fingers that this will work…

I discovered something else today.  I wasn’t aware that you can send flat rate packages to Puerto Rico for the same price as within the continental US.  I was really excited to hear that, as I’ve had requests for Puerto Rico to be included in our Make a Difference Day.  This should make it simple for people to help there as well as within the fifty contiguous states…The only problem now, is that currently the mail is not being delivered to Puerto Rico, at least that’s what the Walmart.com store said.  I’m hoping by the 28th, that it will be running again.  Let’s cross our fingers for that as well.

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