I’m not sure if I mentioned doing yard work last week, but now I have poison ivy.  Fifty-seven years old and never had it before now.  I’ve been so lucky, but I guess my luck has ended.  It’s only on my right wrist and forearm, and I hope it doesn’t spread anywhere else.  I’ve been putting a mixture of baking soda and water on it and that really helps the itching.  I don’t know how people stand it when they get it all over, I’d lose my mind.  Sorry for the big whine, but I just had to get it out..haha

I didn’t realize that Rich has more backlogged videos, and one of them is the one that gives the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform review.  I feel badly that it’s taken me so long to get that video up, as I completely forgot about it until I saw a comment from a viewer of mine that I asked to do a video review of the platform.  I had one viewer who has physical limitations do a review via email that I read on this video, and another viewer with no physical limitations do a video review.  I really wanted to cover all bases with this and didn’t really want to buy another stamp platform for myself.  I’m sure once they hit the big craft chains, that I’ll probably break down and buy one because I can’t stop myself when I have a good coupon, but until then, I’m holding out because I already have two stamp tools and who really needs three?  I really like the Stamp Perfect, because the lid is easier to press than the MISTI, but unfortunately, it’s no longer available.  Darn.  And the price for it was really terrific.  I’m glad a lot of my viewers bought them before they were no longer available.

I didn’t do anything crafty today as the weather was really drizzly, and if you know anything about arthritis, it’s worst enemy for weather is drizzle.  I slept really late and then convinced Rich we should just hang out and watch movies.  He’s an easy touch for that, so we spent a leisurely day inside.

I guess I’ll finish the cards I started tomorrow.

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