I’ve been working on the foam pumpkin that I’ve been covering with napkins.  I really made a horrible mess of it the first time, so decided to paint over it and start again.  I’m not sure if it will look any better this time, but if it doesn’t, it’s going in the trash.  (I think I say that a lot, do I?)

We’ve sold nine of the twenty boxes from the destashing, which is pretty good.  I wish it was more like fifteen, but I think I’m being overly optimistic.  I’m just glad that people are interested in them.

I had a viewer tell me that she was going to post the destash videos on StampNation, which gave me the idea to post it on SplitcoastStampers website.  My part didn’t go so well, as they kicked my post off, because it violates their solicitation policy.  They said even though the money is going to charity, it’s still a violation.  Darn…Oh well, I gave it a shot.

The poison ivy is making me a little bit crazy and I can’t imagine how nuts I would be if I had it all over.  I think I would lose my mind.  Then again, I haven’t taken Benadryl because it makes me tired, and I like to stay awake as much during the day as possible.

I finally sent my brother-in-law his fairy garden wreath.  My sister sent me a photo of the door that he hung it on….he was so happy with it, he attached it to the first door you see when you walk into their house.  I’m just really glad that he liked it.  I did add a lot more to it, including a pirate ship I made out of a wheelbarrow, a crow sitting on a pumpkin and a pirate flag (he likes pirates.)  All in all, it looked pretty good, but was still shedding like crazy when I mailed it.  It was shedding so much that I had to put it into a plastic zipped bag so it didn’t ruin the other things I sent them.  That mossy stuff is really hard to glue so that it doesn’t shed, and honestly, I’m not sure any amount of hot glue would have worked.


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