We spent the day visiting with old friends and seeing their Newfoundlands for the first time.  Such sweet gentle giants, those dogs….Came home and got a big smell down by Bella, who decided maybe we shouldn’t spend so much time with other dogs.  I walked the entire length of our house with Bella’s nose glued to my pant leg.  Obviously she knew I’d been unfaithful to my girls. haha.

It was a nice day and we really enjoyed hanging with our friends.
On a crafty note, the pumpkin is starting to look better.  I’m beginning to think I might just keep it after all.  I wish I had a better idea than the one I used, but I guess it’s not horrible.  I have a couple more things I’m going to do to it and then I’ll call it done.  The stem is a challenge as I don’t know if I should do something normal, like paint it, or go wild and do something crazy, like glitter it.  I’m thinking ahead to how I would get the glitter on the stem and not cover the rest of the pumpkin with glitter residue, and think I’ll probably just paint it.  Why risk the entire project over something crazy, right?

I haven’t really gotten started on my Halloween videos and I feel pretty terrible about it as I really love making Halloween inspired cards.  Tomorrow I’m going to get serious about them and make a bunch.  I have some dies I’d like to try and Rich is having dinner with one of his college roommates, so I think that will give me the time to get serious about them.  I’d really like to make a mini album for a friend who also loves Halloween.  Last year I bought some Graphic 45 paper intended for that purpose, but just haven’t felt like making it.  Maybe tomorrow’s the day for that as well.  I’ll have to think about it.  I did buy some really fun embellishments from Aliexpress that hopefully will come in the next couple of days…I think they’d be perfect for the album.  I guess I could always put them on after I’m done with it.  I think tomorrow could be the day for the album as well.

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