I started the day by going to several really bad garage sales…I’m talking horrible.  We didn’t find one thing worth buying, and that’s saying a lot since my girlfriend buys clothes/shoes for all of her children and grandchildren.  It was just pathetic.

Rich was golfing today, so I spent the day with the dogs.  I decided to work on the pumpkin and of course Honey chose that time to sneak into another room, find a bunch of papers and rip them to shreds without me knowing about it.  I’m not sure how a dog can be so sly, but she’s like a ninja when she wants to get into trouble.  As for the other two, they act as lookout for her, and stall me so I don’t see her in the act.  Sneaky dogs.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get that pumpkin finished, because every time I do something to it, I have to do something else to fix what I just did.  I really thought it would be simple, and it probably would have been, if I had just been patient.   But we all know patience isn’t my strong suit, so I basically glued it to the paper pad I had it sitting on. Then once I tried to take it off, the napkins stuck to the paper pad, and well, you know the rest.  Maybe I’ll give it another try tomorrow, or maybe not.  It’s almost at that stage where I can’t decide if it’s redeemable or not.  We are close, that’s for sure.

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