AliExpress and Rubber Stamp Tapestry, Dies, Brads, Stamps Haul and Gifts

I was sent some really nice gifts and wanted to share them with you. I did buy a bunch of stamps from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, My Aliexpress purchases were: You’ll be amazed, that I finally figured out how to shorten the links to Aliexpress…no need for applause…. Note: You should always price check for a cheaper item as prices are always changing and the one I bought might not be the least expensive at this time. Double ended molding tools: $2.88 Sea Shell dies $1.35 I bought these for less, but this is the price this site sells them for now. Candles Dies: $1.72 4 word dies: $1.87, I paid $1.79, but the price has gone up from the site I bought it from. Tool set: $1.35 Happy Birthday sentiment: 79 cents, not sure if they still have this in stock. two flower dies: $1.78 deer ornament: $2.85, the price has dropped from $2.93 that I paid for it. You stamps: $2.16 With Love die: 74 cents Holly Leaf: $1.79 Long Christmas Die: $1.29 it went up from the $1.25 that I paid. Flag Dies: $2.47 Spider and web dies: $1.94 bat dies: 91 cents Happy Halloween die: 74 cents…I did have trouble as the e’s don’t punch out the insides…just so you know. Grim reaper die: 94 cents web frame die: $1.67 was $1.49 when I bought it Queen anne’s lace die: $1.69 was $1.67 when I bought it Alphabet dies: $1.87 Halloween people: $2.98 quilt die: $3.81 diamond die: no longer sold where I bought it, sorry. four leaf die: $2.43 ivy leaf die: $2.52 up from $2.38 that I paid for it. daisy dies: $3.36 up from $3.32 that I paid. wreath die: $1.49 flower and leaf dies: $1.49 tag stamps and die: $2.98 for one stamp set and $4.58 for stamps and dies. alphabet stamps: $2.98 happy birthday raised die: $3.15 Haunted house: $2.37 brads: $1.60 each set screw brads: $4.60 price has gone down from $5.02 I paid for them Happy anniversary die: 99 cents up from 97 cents I paid for it. pumpkin die: $1.06

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