Holy cow, I missed a day of blogging.  Sometimes I swear that I did write something, only to discover that I didn’t…Where does the time go?

I went to some garage sales today and found a huge cutting mat that I think the woman used with material.  It was only $1, so I bought it, but it’s not in the best shape.   I think I’ll use it off camera anyway, so no need for beauty.  That’s what I say when I’m making videos in my pajamas too…No one sees me, so they don’t know I’m making this in my snuggly pjs, you should assume I’m wearing a ballgown and tiara when I make my videos.  It’s a secret that we won’t share.

The poison ivy is still on my wrist and I’ve been holding off making new videos because I didn’t really want anyone to see it because it looks like I was attacked by something.  It’s really unattractive and no matter what I do, it always seems to show up on camera.  So I finally went to the doctor this morning and she said it looked like a spider bite.  I’m not sure what spiders have venom that acts like poison ivy and spreads to other places, but she finally gave up on that idea when she looked at the rest of my forearm.  She decided to prescribe a topical rub and told me not to over use it as my skin would break down.  So I put some on, and it didn’t seem to do anything for the itch, so rubbed a little more in, and about thirty minutes later, got really dizzy and nauseous  I felt horrible, because I was on my way out to lunch with a girlfriend, so I had to tell her I didn’t think I would be eating much because I was feeling nauseous.  I didn’t tell her about being dizzy, as I didn’t want her to worry, and after drinking a lot of water at lunch, I started to feel better.  When I got home, I told Rich about it, washed my forearm so the medicine would be gone, and decided to take a nap (as naps cure anything.)   Rich came into the bedroom with the information from the topical rub and read in the section that says, “Warning: In the unlikely event that you experience these side effects, contact your doctor immediately” and then said something about dying.   Naturally, dead center in this section it says dizziness and nausea, blah, blah, blah, contact your doctor immediately, if you have these symptoms.  It’s 2:30 on a Friday, and my doctor is gone for the day.  I called my brother in law who is a physician, and he told me to clean it really well and drink a lot of water.  Who would ever think that something you rub on your skin would cause this type of reaction.  I swear that I am cursed, because you can list a million side effects and I’ll get the second to last from the bottom of the page.  The one that only one person in a million seems to get, that’s me.  I never read those pamphlets either, because doctors think I get these side effects because I read the pamphlet.  So apparently I can conjure up a side effect, just by reading about it.  In my case, ignorance is bliss.  Since I never know what to expect, it’s always a big surprise when something goes wrong…Then when the doctor accuses me of bringing it on myself, I can honestly tell them that I had no idea, because I don’t.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  I’m not sure, but at least the surprise is better than being accused of manufacturing the symptom…that always bugs me.  And you know I hate to be bugged.

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