Fast and Easy Halloween Treat Bag with Decorated Clothespin

My friend Elizabeth, sent me a lot of paper napkins and I wanted to show a variety of ideas of things to use them for.

This is such a simple abd easy project. I separate my napkins by putting washi tape on the back edge and pull the washi and the back of the napkin off. I’ve never found an easier way to separate the napkins and saw it on another YT channel, but don’t remember who it was, sorry.
To make one of these bags, simply separate the front of your napkin from the other layers, then put tape runner on your bag and make sure you fold down the bottom of the bag.  Lay your napkin over the bag and trim.  If you put washi tape on the edges of the bags, it really makes them cute. Pick your favorite scary decorations, glue them to the bag, and fold the top over and close with a clothespin.
To cover the clothespin, simply put tape runner on the clothespin, then lay a strip of decorated paper over it and trim with scissors or an Xacto or craft knife. I recommend you trim from the underside of the paper as it’s a better angle to cut from. When you get to the metal spring, bend your paper away from the clothespin for easy trimming.

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