Today I was really going to do some serious crafting…I wanted to make a Halloween treat bag using a brown paper bag and covering it with a napkin and then decorating it.  Everything started out fine, then I tried to cover the second side of the bag and accidentally taped the napkin to it, by virtue of the fan that was blowing overhead. The napking definitely wasn’t where I wanted it, and when I tried to take it back off, I destroyed the napkin (hard to believe, I know)  So I took that napkin off and put more tape runner on, and that’s when the first mini tape runner was destroyed.  It was sticking to the brown paper bag so much, that it was advancing far beyond what it should have, then snapped.  I thought it was a fluke…no, number two small tape runner when in the same fashion (both from different companies.)  I went to number three and by now you probably have figured out what happened.  I felt so foolish and don’t really know exactly what i was doing wrong to ruin three tape runners in a matter of maybe two minutes.   It was so frustrating, but I decided I needed to power through…So I laid the napkin, well, what was left of it, on side two, and pieced it together.  I needed to trim the edges off and ended up cutting the seam of the bag as well.  In comes washi tape to save the day.  I tried to make it sound like I was decorating the inside folds of the bag, but honestly, it was the only way for the bag to hold anything, as half of the seam was cut.  Another foolish mistake.  I added embellishments and they ripped the napkin, so more washi tape.  In the end, the bags look fairly decent, but I’m almost embarrassed to put up a video showing how to do it, because it looks like I’ve lost my mind.  And maybe I have…It was so crazy.  I have Halloween things all over the floor of my craft room..Rich walked in and asked if it was garbage or something I was keeping.  I almost said “garbage” so he wouldn’t think I’m that big of a slob.   My craft room normally looks pretty bad, but it’s a total mess right now, and there’s no end in sight…Crap.

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