I made a really fun Halloween card and the video was acting strangely, but I just kept going.  The camera didn’t record that whole segment of the video…Darn….So now I’ll need to remake the beginning of the video, and the card.  I really hate it when things like that happen.

I cleaned my craft room for hours…I organized Halloween stamps and my ribbon drawer.  Rich walked into the room and said “I thought you were cleaning in here.”  I had to laugh, because it still looks like a mess, but I did make some progress…None you can see, but progress none the same.

I’ll be working on it again tomorrow and maybe by then you’ll be able to see some changes.  I’m starting to think I could clean that craft room every day and never see progress.  I’ve often wondered about crafters with these pristine white rooms.  When are they doing anything in there and how do they keep that room so spotless?  I’m thinking that they plan out one card, make it, put everything away, and they are done.  I also believe that if you are a Stampin’ Up rep and have a You Tube channel, you probably don’t accumulate stamp sets like normal people do, because Stampin’ Up reps seem to sell their retired merchandise.  That’s a great way to stay on top of hoarding…Unlike me, I just accumulate and never really get rid of anything.  I need to get serious about eliminating a lot of the things I have in my craft room.  I have so many things that I just don’t use…I’m hoping that during the Make A Difference Day video, a lot of people will be asking for the things I’d like to get rid of…That would truly make a difference for me, and the cleanliness (or lack thereof), of my craft room.

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