I’ve been wanting to finish that crazy foam pumpkin that I covered with napkins, so today was the day.  When I do something like that, I feel like I’ve done something amazing, even though it was really nothing…But it was just hanging over my head for so long, and I couldn’t stand looking at it for another second.

I also had to remake the beginning of the video for the card I did yesterday.  That turned into a huge ordeal, where I made a really embellished second card…The worst part was that I used a smaller bat die and decided to use it again.  I couldn’t find it and had literally, used it two minutes ago.  So I started looking…A half an hour later I found it, attached to the front of my shirt.  I had almost given up the search when I heard a metallic noise and looked down, and there it was…Who would have thought?  Sometimes I think I might be going crazy, as I lose things like that all of the time.  It’s just unbelievable to me that I can do the things I do and still make it through the day.

I think I mentioned last week that Aggie wasn’t doing well and we were worried that we would have to put her to sleep…I think that’s the oddest term for euthanizing a dog, but I’m using it because it’s the acceptable term for it.  Since then, she’s decided that she really shouldn’t have to eat what other dogs do, and is only inclined to eat chicken and rice, a food combinations that vets always give when dogs won’t eat.  She’s doing so much better and I can’t believe how well.  Last week she couldn’t go up or down our two front outdoor steps, and now she hops up and down them.  She’s an 85 pound golden retriever, so that’s no easy feat.  She’s amazing, and at almost 16 years old, an unbelievable dog.  I’m so glad that we can put that decision off for another day.  Hopefully another day in the far far, distant future.

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