It’s been a frustrating day, starting with getting the word that YouTube was taking down channels that did AliExpress hauls.  I wrote another blog post all about it, so you can check that out below.  I haven’t heard any more about it, so it might be limited to a very few YouTubers, and hopefully, my channel is safe.

I spent way too much time on that though, trying to find information from other YouTubers and by watching YouTube videos and reading their regulations about videos.  I’m not sure if I have violated any policies or not, but hope I haven’t.

As for the rest of the day, we prepared for Trick or Treat, which was tonight.  I know it’s kind of odd, having Trick or Treat on the Thursday before Halloween, but that’s how they’ve always done it where I live.  I don’t know if it’s because adults would rather go to adult functions on Halloween, but it’s been this way as long as I can remember.

Rich loves to dress up as a vampire and scare the kids.  Ok, he scares the kids the first year, then they know exactly what to expect and are really brave…Year one, not brave at all, running screaming back to their parents sometimes (even though he takes out his fangs for little ones.)  The experienced kids will put the little ones in front, just to see their reactions…It’s all in good fun and Rich always makes sure the little ones are happy when they leave.  Unfortunately though, for us, our neighborhood is aging.  So tonight we got (wait for it) SIX kids for Trick or Treat.  It was so pathetic.  Rich kept waiting for a big group of five kids to come to our house, only to remember they came here within the first five minutes of the event…..So that was that…One other straggler and he was done.  A big year for us would have been fifteen kids, but that was a few years ago.  Now we’re lucky if one of our friends will drive their grand kids over to see Rich, so we can hit double digits.  Rich likes to give the big candy bars too, so they’ll be sure to come back, and even that isn’t enough to get the masses.

Oh, I forgot to mention yesterday, that I found a really fun wreath at Aldi’s of all places..Aldi’s is a grocery store for those of you who are outside of the US.  I’m going to try to duplicate it, and if I can, I think it will be gorgeous.  It looks like a foam wreath, painted black for Halloween, and it has little cones of (I think) black paper, that have the ends tipped with orange glitter.  It’s hard to explain, but they look like roses and the whole thing is covered in them.  I was going to try to make one for Halloween, but think that ship has sailed, so am going to try for Christmas.  I’m not as crazy about Christmas colors though, and am going to think hard about making it before I do.  Maybe a red one tipped with a darker red?  Could be really cool.

I have a lot of finished videos, but wanted to wait to get all of the Halloween ones done before the others are uploaded.  I can’t wait to hear what people think about the waterfall albums I made.  I’m really proud of them and hope you enjoy watching the process.





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