I just finished the video for Make a Difference Day and am starting to fret.  Have I explained things clearly enough?  Do I sound pompous?  Am I asking too much of people?  Will anyone respond and will it be a total failure?  I hope I’ve prepared people enough for this video, and event, but you never know.  I can only hope that the people who need products will ask, and the people who have them will respond.  If we help a few people, it’s a few more people than were helped before…Right?  I guess time will tell.

Sometimes you just have to go on faith, and in this instance, I’m putting a lot of faith in viewers and people in general.  I’m really hoping that only people affected by the floods and hurricanes will ask for craft tools, but free goodies will attract a lot of people who are looking to get something for nothing, even when they are not entitled.  I tried to address it in the video and really hope that it works as I’d hate to have to delete comments from people who don’t qualify for things.

I’m sweating now, it’s too much to think about tonight, so I’ll wait to fret some more tomorrow….I’m the queen of fretting, in case you didn’t know.  I have the tiara to prove it…Ok, no tiara, but in my head, I have one.

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