Make a Difference Day, Helping Others Regain their Craftiness

If you have lost your craft tools in the recent hurricanes in Texas, the East Coast and Puerto Rico, please list in the comment section below your:
1. name (first name is fine)
2. email address
3. specific craft tools you would like to have replaced
4. zip code
5. If you are in Puerto Rico, please list in your comment that you are now receiving your mail, as these items will be sent to you and if you aren’t getting mail, the donator needs to know that.

Viewers looking to donate tools should comment on the posts that they want to help and the specific items they will be providing, and the person donating, will email the person who is asking for tools to get their address to mail them their crafty items.

The deadline for asking for crafty things is November 4th, 2017, and the deadline for fulfilling requests in the comments will be November 11th.

Please, only one request per family.

Please go to this link for eligibility to participate in receiving goods and alternative donation sites:

I want to thank Lindsay the Frugal Crafter for her input and especially Rebecca Walton from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, the peg stamp people, for all of her help and generosity. Here is a link to her company.

My email address is

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