Today was such a great day.  I started the day by uploading my Make a Difference Day video.  The first few hours were bitter sweet…I had so many people say they were ready and willing to donate goods, but no one asking for anything.  I started to really feel badly, and then we got our first request, and then a second.  The first request wasn’t up very long before someone adopted them, and I was ecstatic.    I guess it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy, I just wanted someone to ask for something, anything.  So I put the word out to people who had said they had been in the hurricanes and asked them to say something about my video on social media.  I really hope that they do, because it’s been a slow first day.  This is going to sound kind of stupid, but for some reason I thought people were just waiting for that video to go live so that they could make their crafty requests.  I knew I had people waiting to make donations, but didn’t know how many requests would flood in…Flood, that’s a funny word as it relates to this initiative…It’s been a trickle so far.  I’m hoping the word does spread and that we find a lot of people that will want to ask and the same number that want to donate.  It’s going to be a stressful week for me since I’ve been literally thinking about and working on this video for almost two months.

I’ve got the whole week for word to reach people…Now all we need to do is have them comment.  I’ll be waiting with baited breath.  Ok, maybe I’ll just be waiting…I’m not sure if my breath will be baited or not….Does that mean like fish bait?  Gross…I’m definitely not waiting with baited breath…Just waiting….


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