A Waterfall Card/Album Inspired by MayMay Pt. 1

I saw MayMay make a card with this prototype and decided I should make it into an album. Although I show you a completed Halloween album, the card/album I make on this video is actually a Christmas card/album. I hope you’ll stay tuned for Pt. 2.

To make the album, I wanted to give you your own cheat sheet to have beside you while making it. All you need to do is print this out. The last page has some words that you can print on card stock and use for images on your album. Please copy and paste the link below and then print it on whatever paper you choose. If you want, your third piece of paper should be card stock if you want to use the directions in your album.


I hope you enjoy making this album. I’ve got a part 2 that will be uploaded tomorrow so you can see me decorate the one I’ve made with Christmas paper.

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