Today I went to hang out with three other ladies who wanted to make something paper inspired for in their craft booth.  There are two lady’s involved, one does primarily wreaths and wall art, and the other does hand stenciled signs and chalk paints furniture.  They had sent me some pictures from Pinterest of ideas they thought they would like to try.  I took all of the supplies that we would need to make the projects and gave each woman a portion of the project to complete.  Within ten minutes, the furniture painter decided that paper projects are too much work and too detail oriented and basically, quit….The wreath maker hung in there, and soldiered on.  The other woman and I continued cutting and gluing so by the end of the afternoon, we only have maybe four completed projects and they were really small.  Here’s the image they saw on Pinterest, as ours didn’t really look like this when we were done.   Ok, that didn’t work…It was a heart shaped tag with a paper rose glued to it and a couple of leaves.  Ours was different, as I used a flower shaping punch and then we added jewelry to ours for an embellishment.  I don’t know if they’ll be able to sell them, but I thought I’d walk them through how to do it.  I didn’t make a video, as it would have been hours long because we talked a lot and crafted very little.  It was a lot of fun to watch people who are seriously crafty, deciding that the projects I find simple, they find tedious and too much work.  There’s the difference between people, I couldn’t ever make a mesh wreath or re-paint furniture, but that’s their comfort zone…Mine is paper based…Small and easy to do, at least for me….


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