Did I mention that I started my YouTube channel the last week of October, two years ago?  I can’t believe that so much time has passed, when in some respects, it seems like it was only a few months ago.  But when I look at the list of videos, I can’t believe I have had that many ideas in two years.  It’s a good thing I have so many people on YouTube that have given me inspiration.

I was talking to my closest college friends at breakfast a couple of weeks ago, and they asked me about my YouTube channel.  I had asked them about what they thought of me starting it, before I actually did, and both said they thought I wouldn’t be able to handle the negative comments that all YouTubers seem to get.  Fast forward to two years later, and they can’t believe the channel is still up and running, and in fact, growing.  Neither of these ladies have ever made anything crafty, so that part of the channel is really alien to them.  One asked me how many videos do I put up in a month, two, three?  I laughed and said well, two or three a week and sometimes more.  They were amazed that I could have enough ideas to accomplish such a feat.  I told them it’s not just me that has ideas.  I  take others ideas and try to make them my own.  I could tell from their facial expressions that I was basically talking another language, and that they had lost interest in the discussion.  That’s the difference between people who are still physically active, and those of us who aren’t.  It’s hard for them to see life without hiking, running, jogging, and bike riding, and it’s really hard for me to imagine life that would include those activities.  Luckily I was never very sports minded, or I think getting arthritis at 22 would have been a lot more stressful.  I used to joke that I got arthritis in the 1980’s, so I wouldn’t have to do aerobics, as that was a huge craze back then.  Jane Fonda had workout tapes and were the forerunner to all of the women’s exercise classes that were to come.  Women wore tight spandex bodysuits that showed every bump and bulge and I never had the body type for those, ever.  Actually, arthritis was the perfect excuse so I never had to try one on.  Thankfully, when Olivia Newton John came out with her “Let’s Get Physical” video, I was not lining up to buy a headband that matched my frisky Lycra bodysuit.  And you thought arthritis had no upsides to it….Oh, how wrong you are.

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