11/3 and 11/4/2017

I went to Michaels and found some great deals on Halloween things…Martha Stewart Halloween washi tape 80% off, and some fun things for Rich when he scares the trick or treaters.  I found a cool macabre battery operated candlestick that he can hold up to his vampire face, since he used to hold a flashlight under his chin to accentuate his fangs and fake blood.  The seven kids we had this year got a big laugh out of him, so they know what to expect.  He doesn’t scare any little kids, as that’s just wrong…Older kids are kind of asking for it (in his opinion.) bwahaha!

I made the foam pumpkin that is decorated with napkins and has the whole back open for a fairy garden inside.  When I bought it, I didn’t know about fairy gardens, and thought the opening was so you could cut the face out easier or so you could put candy in the back….ok, I don’t know what I thought it was used for.  Now that I have a clue, I decided to buy grass that has a sticky back to it and glue it inside the pumpkin.  I found a really fun creepy gate at a craft store an hour from where we live and thought it was perfect, but it was too large for the opening…Darn it.  So when I was at Michaels, I’d seen a fun door for my pumpkin at Michaels.com and they said they had them at the store I was going to go to…..Of course I couldn’t find them and had no idea where to look.  It’s like those Jane Davenport items that everyone else buys there.  I think they hide them in my store, so I never find them.  I have no idea where to look, but apparently they sell them there, at least they say they do.

I asked one of the many workers about the Halloween gates for fairy gardens.  “No, we clearanced out all of the fairy garden things.”  So I stupidly explain that I had just been on the website, and it said they were carrying them in that particular store….Worker #1 gets on her microphone and asks worker  #2 where to find the fairy garden gates……They haven’t had those in months is what apparently was said over the microphone.  I know when to throw in the towel on asking for help, and this was the time.  I thanked both workers and went on my way.  I had a few minutes to kill, so roamed to the front of the store near the floral section and ran into the big Halloween clearance display. 80% off everything…..including, wait for it, a HUGE section of Halloween fairy garden things.  I know you are shocked, almost as shocked as when I ran into a third worker and asked her for Mason jar lids that you can put flowers or pens in….Are you waiting for me to say that she got on her microphone and asked someone else where to find them?  I was going to lie and say she didn’t do that, but she did.  This was actually worse, because she said she’d get back to me, and then I never saw her again.  I get so frustrated when I ask people for help and they don’t know more than I do…I’m sure that these employees have down-time where they could roam the store and then have a better overall understanding of what their company sells.    I seriously could work there and do a better job of finding things for customers with no training, but armed with the notion that there is a sign at the end of every aisle describing what you can find within   You can find everything but Jane Davenport items, as they hide those from me.

2 thoughts on “11/3 and 11/4/2017

  1. Halloween fairy garden stuff? Clearanced?! I’m so jealous! I found 2 sets of creepy monsters (3 in pack) at Dollar Tree that were half off, plus a skull bridge and skull fence for $1 each, so next year, I definitely see a haunted flower pot scene in my future. By the way, I was so glad to hear your brother-in-law liked his fairy wreath. Genius!


    1. Shelli, I just figured out that my comments were going to spam on email, so I wasn’t aware any had been posted, sorry. I meant to email you to tell you that Joanns has their Christmas fairy garden items on sale 70%, at least they were last week. Yes, John liked his wreath and put it on their hall closet door. I was happy about it and will email you more of the story…


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