For the rest of you, but I’ve had a few days of pure laziness.  I haven’t wanted to do anything and really, haven’t.  OK, we did to a movie and out to lunch with friends, dinner with another set of friends and a late breakfast with them another day.  I guess if it’s a food related event, you can count me in.  Other than eating out, I haven’t been motivated to do anything.  I could blame it on a lot of things, but it’s probably due to weather changing.  I could probably make a lot of money predicting weather changes, but we won’t go into that now.  Let’s just say that I can predict a change in weather, and how soon that will happen with a fair amount of accuracy.  Drizzle is one of my worst adversaries and today, it was all drizzle, all the time.  We had a flash flood warning, so it must have actually rained somewhere nearby, but here, drizzle.  I seriously doubt we could have had a flash flood from it, but I’m no weatherperson.  (I don’t even play one on TV.)

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day…The fact that November 4th was warm enough that I didn’t wear a coat will tell you everything.  I decided to pick up lose sticks in the yard as Rich was going to mow for the last time this year, and I didn’t want him just running over them, which he has a tendency to do.  I love making a small fire with them, and that was my big adventure for the day.  Picking up sticks, making a small fire, then feeling like I might have broken my (excuse the term) butt, the rest of the day.  Rich kept laughing at me as I would limp by him, saying “I think I broke my butt.”  Of course I didn’t, but it was pretty funny and I was really happy when I woke up today and my butt no longer felt broken.  How would I know what a broken butt would feel like any way?  That might have contributed to my overall feeling of laziness, but luckily I’m over it….The butt thing, not the laziness.  Still feeling like I don’t want to accomplish much.  It’s a really good hing I have a bunch of stockpiled videos from the last month or so.  Otherwise this could get really ugly, really fast.


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