I decided today I would take apart all of the destashing packages I’d created for the fundraiser that hadn’t sold.  There weren’t as many items left as I had originally thought, so that was good.  I made three boxes, one for stamps, one for dies, and one for miscellaneous.  Of course I had a lot of stamps leftover, so that box had the most inside.  The dies were flat so didn’t take up much space and the last box had inks, ribbons, papers and other miscellaneous items.  I thought what I would do next is contact the people who had received boxes and find out if they had gotten all of the things that they needed, and if not, I’ll supplement those with the things we have left.

I had a viewer from Germany send me a really nice box of stamps that anyone would be lucky to receive, and have one person that I think might want those.  Other than that, I am trying to find a group of scrapbookers in Puerto Rico that might be interested in the things I have to offer.  I’ll be contacting them tonight to see if they are still active, as their last post to facebook was in 2015, but at least I have the founder’s information, so I can hopefully contact her directly.

Who would have ever thought that I’d still be looking for people to donate to?  I really thought we would have a greater response to our video, but was glad we were able to help those that we did.

As for the rest of the day, we had a rough early morning with Aggie…She was panting really loudly and didn’t seem able to get her feet under her, so we were up for a few hours while most of the rest of the world was sleeping.  She seems much better today, but that might be due to the additional pain medications we gave her.  It’s so hard watching your dog get older and not knowing if she is suffering or simply just overheated.  We made an appointment to take her to the vet later in the week, to have her examined, cut her toe nails, and discuss the future.  It’s not something we want to think about, but it’s the reality that we unfortunately have to face.

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