I’ve finally found a group on YouTube that I think I/ we can help with their lost craft supplies.  It’s no secret that I was disappointed in the number of requests we had after the “make a difference” video aired.  I was really hoping that more people would have asked for supplies. I did get an email from a nice woman who mentioned that Puerto Rico had two facebook groups for scrapbookers, and that I should contact them.  I finally found one of the groups and sent a note to the woman whose name was the only one I found connected to the group.  She sent me three photos that I’ll have Rich upload on my facebook page.  One was her street during clean-up, one was the flood that was all the way to the roof of the home and the third was her craft room after the flood waters left.  She said her home was fine and she didn’t need anything, but her craft room told a different story.  Like so many of us, she had a lot of craft supplies before the hurricane.  She might be using this as a way to eliminate things she no longer uses, but regardless, the photo tells a lot.  She said many of her friends had lost their homes and craft supplies and she would begin contacting them about the video and my offer to help.  Today, I’ve already had two requests which made me really happy.  I have all of the leftover supplies that we didn’t sell in the destashing, as well as more supplies I’d like to send, and of course, the monies we raised from the destashing, that I’ll be turning into Walmart gift cards, as there are three Walmart on the island of Puerto Rico.  I hope that those monies will go toward necessities, as I’m not sure how much they are receiving in the way of help in replacing homes, cars, etc.  and can’t imagine the fear and overall frustration that they must be feeling.  We can’t help everyone, but at least we’ll do our best to help those that contact me.  If you have any interest in helping me with this, please email me at saundralparker@yahoo.com and we’ll discuss any number of ideas on how to help.

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