I spent part of today organizing my dies, so I’d know what I have and where to find them.  I know it sounds crazy, but I consider myself normally pretty organized, just not with crafty things.  I’m completely disorganized with them and absolutely hate that about myself.

When I worked, one of my favorite things to do was to organize an office, a desk, anything.  I liked the way it felt when I was finished…like I’d accomplished something.  I wish I felt like that with crafty things, but I’m pretty sure it’s because no matter how much organizing I do, there is always something else that isn’t organized.  Or once I organize something, I’ll buy more of them and have to re-organize.  I guess that’s the fate of the crafty hoarder.

I also went to the Dollar Tree and found a bunch of things that I’m going to send to the women who lost their craft tools in Puerto Rico.  Things as simple as scissors, rulers, staplers, staples, are really important to have, not just to make crafty things, but in day to day life.  I went through the store with an eye for things the would serve a dual purpose, crafty yet functional, and went from there.  I’m happy that I finally have people that I can donate my things to, as well as supplement with things I’m buying.  Rich and I normally adopt a family for Christmas, but I think this year, we’ll adopt some of these women in Puerto Rico, and send them gift cards for things that will help with day to day life.  I’m thrilled to be able to make at least a little bit of a difference in their lives.  After seeing the photos of their homes, they deserve to have someone take an interest in helping them get back on their feet again…

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