You probably don’t know this about me, but I don’t usually make a prototype of the cards that I make.  I come up with an idea and normally, just run with it.  Today was an exception.  I wanted to make a card that looked like a vintage lady’s apron, complete with pleats, and most importantly, covered in fabric.  I’ve only made one other card that involved layering fabric, and that was our niece’s bridal shower card.  I made a wedding dress and covered it in two layers of material…one sheer and the other, a light satin..  I wasn’t really sure how easy it would be to use a craft fabric designed for holidays, and really figured out a lot of the things I needed to change by doing the first card.  From the front, it doesn’t look too bad, but when you tip it up so you can see the fold of the card, that’s when the horror show happens.  I decided hot glue would be the way to go, and that was my first mistake.  Then the pleats didn’t lay well, so I had to re-glue, which added more dimension.  By the time I put the strings of the apron on, there was  huge (OK, maybe not huge, but not thin either), gap between the card and the material…A gap filled with hot glue…Not something you’d want to give to family or friends, unless you really don’t like them much, haha….

So once I’d worked out the bugs…that’s a weird saying..here’s what Phrase Finder had to say.

Work the bugs out

Posted by Bob on August 10, 2002

In Reply to: Work the bugs out posted by Nick on August 09, 2002

: Did the phrase “Get the bugs worked out” originate from the first computers becuase bugs would actually get inside the computers and cause problems?

Essentially, yes.


So there you have it.  I would have thought that saying had been around longer than computer terminology, but who am I to question Phrase Finder?

When I made the second apron card, it went much more smoothly, because I used a wet glue instead of hot glue and it glued the fabric in place without creating a thick layer of glue between the card and the fabric…Lucky for me, or I would have considered this card garbage, and would have gone on to something else.  I liked the vintage look of the apron, and decided to include a couple of recipes that people can mail with their cards to friends and family.  One is a hot pepperoni dip that is so simple, and people will rave about it.  The second is my father-in-laws cranberry sauce, also very simple, and is so much better than store bought, and even better, people will actually eat this…Or you’ll want to put it on your leftover turkey sandwiches in the days after Thanksgiving.  Hey, would I steer you wrong?  Maybe, but not this time.

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