I got a fun box of goodies in the mail today.  I thought I had ordered some snowflake peg stamps, but apparently didn’t push the complete order button.  I was expecting snowflakes, but got a bunch of poinsettia sets instead, as Rebecca thought they’d be something I would like.  How thoughtful is that?  So I went back on her site and ordered my snowflakes to complete the project I originally intended, as well as another that will be lots of fun.  I think I’m going to use permanent ink and stamp an apron for Christmas, as well as make my own gift tags.  I know what you’re thinking….everybody makes tags now.  Yes, but I want to make ones that will be inexpensive and ones I can make a bunch at once…Not five or six, but twenty or thirty…and it should be really quick.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about at least all of this year, and probably part of last year.  I’ve also been thinking of ways to personalize gifts, so might be showing ways to do that as well.  Simple, easy ways….at least that’s the plan.

We took Aggie to the vet today and I have to be honest, I was afraid we wouldn’t be bringing her home with us, as she’s almost sixteen and her back legs aren’t very strong.  We wanted the vets’ opinion as to her overall health, and we had a great visit.  The vet reassured us that Aggie was fine, and although she’s lost five pounds this year, she’s still maintaining at 80 pounds.  She’s a big golden retriever and has always weighed between 85-90 pounds, so we thought the weight loss was high….Aggie sleeps most of the day and all night, and we thought that wasn’t good.  The vet said, “she’s an old lady, and old lady’s sleep a lot.”  I feel kind of foolish that it never occurred to us that she would start sleeping more, but it didn’t.  Her heart is strong, and I already knew that…she’s got the heart of a lion, and I’ve always said that.  Even her hips didn’t seem any worse, so like I said, the appointment went really well.  Back at the house, things didn’t go well while we were gone.  Apparently the other two dogs thought Aggie wouldn’t be coming back, so the anxiety level was high when we got home.  I took the dogs outside and within ten minutes, Honey had already pooped in the house.  It’s her way of telling us she’s overly anxious.  Poor thing.  Both Honey and Bella thought they should get on my lap and sit there, and I had to ask them to get down in a stern voice, which no one wants to hear.  Honey and Bella made up for Aggie having a good appointment, as they could not have been more distressed…Things are calming down here now, thank goodness, as it was a stressful afternoon.

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